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Stephesaurus —syn.  efficient, punctual, dedicated, innovative.

Hi, I’m Stephanie and words are my domain. My mom and I played Scrabble and various word games to wits end throughout my childhood. I’ve learned to have a true appreciation for new and noteworthy vocabulary. I attribute many of my artistic qualities to the continued guidance from her.

Colleagues of mine quickly picked up on my knack of finding synonyms and asked for my assistance with minor tasks around the office. They eventually bestowed upon me the title  of “Stephesaurus” when beckoning me for help. (If it hasn’t clicked yet, Stephanie + Thesaurus = Stephesaurus.) It was honestly catchy and the first time I ever had a nickname other than Steph. I was instantly on board!

When deciding to branch off and start my own freelance business, it was a no-brainer to name it Stephesaurus Web Design. It was so fitting to my personality and unique from anything else I’ve ever identified with.

As a web designer, I have combined my appreciation of the written word with digital design. It brings me great joy helping a small business start a digital presence and fall in love with a website of their own. Based in Orlando, I enjoy working with local clients but I also love learning about and working with businesses around the country.

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